Why Choose VFF In-Home Fitness?

To get results at an average gym you need dedication, motivation and an overwhelming drive to get off the couch.  If you’ve been trying to shed those irritating pounds but lack the motivation, then it’s time to try something different.  It’s time to try VFF In-Home Fitness – and finally get results!

Receive a customized personal workout from the comfort of your home. VFF certified trainers meet you at your home or any location of your choice. Your workout has been customized to drive results using proven training styles that effectively and efficiently get your body to the goal you set. During the entirety of your workout, your trainer will be focused on your form to ensure you practice correct and effective technique while providing encouragement as you push yourself towards your goals. As your workout comes to a close, your trainer will give you a relaxing stretch to release any built up acids you have. After your session is complete you will feel energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day!


Every 4-6 weeks your trainer will do a body assessment check-up to ensure you are continuing to meet your goals.


A VFF Certified Nutritionist will also make personalized Meal Plans to support your specific goals; often times using the foods that you already like.


  • 60 Minute Customized Workout Session

  • Customized Home-Workouts on days not meeting with a trainer

  • Monthly Body Assessment Check-ups

  • Nutritional Support

  • Nutritional Guideline Pamphlets

Other Services We Offer
  • Yoga

  • Strength Training

  • Senior Fitness

  • Kickboxing

  • Weight Loss

  • Body Sculpting

  • Bodybuilding

  • Weight Training

  • Youth Boxing

  • Group Training

  • Corporate Fitness

  • Post & Prenatal Exercise

Perfect for Beginners

If you are new to fitness and exercise, our trainers will introduce you to effective routines to help you gain confidence and knowledge.  We start slow and gradually move into more advanced routines all based on your progress and pace.

Monitored Success

A running record of your weight, measurements and body fat percentage will be taken periodically and kept in a private file.  Every couple of weeks we will come back to reassess your progress.  Based upon your results we will either modify your current program or start you on a brand new program.

Let Us Motivate You!!!

Working with our personal trainers will encourage you to stick with a consistent exercise program.  A trainer will provide structure and accountability to help you develop a lifestyle that encourages health and well-being.  Let us help you find the right exercise program to get you in your best shape.

Individualized 1-On-1 Sessions

Valley Family Fitness personal trainers will focus on you, and only you.  We will customize an exercise program that focuses on what you, as an individual, want to achieve.   We work at your pace and experience level, helping you every step of the way.

Efficient Results

Our trainers focus on results and help you to avoid wasting time with inefficient workouts.  We have fitness down to a science and will help you get maximum results in the safest and healthiest time possible.

No One Left Behind!!!

At Valley Family Fitness, YOU (the client) are who’s important to us.  We provide a support service which includes follow up text messages, emails or phone calls to make sure you’re staying on track.  This allows us to ensure that no one is left behind, or falls through the cracks.

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